Decom New “risk-based” inspections are on the way, BSEE says by Rod Sweet

May 14, 2014

US regulator BSEE is developing a new approach to safety inspections which, by using a more robust risk analysis, could afford a “lighter touch” to high performing facilities.

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) says it has engaged a national laboratory to help it develop a risk-analysis methodology that would allow it to focus inspections on offshore facilities that pose the greatest risk to safety and the environment.

BSEE director Brian Salerno said that although BSEE has begun to employ risk criteria in some areas, risk tools could be used “to a far greater extent”.

“The idea here is that not all companies manage their assets the same way, not all train their people the same way, and not all adhere to safety principles and processes the same way,” he told an audience at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston on 8 May.

“This comes down to the not-too-surprising reality that some companies and facilities pose greater risks than others.”

“Once we develop a solid risk methodology,” he said, “we will have a basis for inspecting high-performing facilities and companies differently than those posing greater risks. We can afford a lighter touch in the high performers, whereas the poor performers will see us far more frequently.”

He added: “This is one way to incentivize good behavior!”
He said a national laboratory has been engaged to help BSEE develop the necessary risk methodology.

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